30 September 2008

You cannot make this stuff up!

A few hours ago, I wrote this (see below)

We will find someone to blame. That is why these are particularly scary times. Evil comes out when people are scared. The old Rom proverb is, "Never trust the Christians in the villages. They always seek someone outside to blame." Not much has changed since the Rom left their wagons and the villagers moved to cities. We still blame gays, Jews, Rom -- anyone we see as 'other.' It is a time to stop stealing from our future. We have been as a society, living on the greed, theft and speculation that have brought us to crisis. We have abandoned the idea of the common good and social contract.

Then I went to dinner. When I came back and went to a message board I favor. I am utterly incredulous, but I found this!

If you are like me, you think much of the culture of irresponsible lending is caused by new mortgage laws that protect unqualified borrowers against discrimination from banks, and many of these anti-discrimination laws are rooted in the same feminism that has promoted the ordination of women.

OK, I know you do not believe it. No one could be that silly -- right? Here is the link! Link to amazing blame post Go there and read it yourself!

Yup! Evil is afoot, and we will see many attempts to blame the mortgage mess on anything but our collective greed. I rest my case.

"For every complex problem there is a solution that is simple, obvious and wrong." Emile Pascal.

Holy Michael, Sword of heaven, pray for us!


Fred Preuss said...

Holy Michael, sword of heaven-are you serious?
Seriously, believing in a Santa in the sky is mental enough. Giving him millions of elves with wings who carry out his bidding and bring him messages is even crazier!
I don't suppose you're one of the people buying those giant candles with pictures they sell in the Spanish section of supermarkets, are you?

JimB said...


No, I do not buy the candles albeit I have nothing against the custom. Belief in the god of creation is pretty basic to Christian which I am.

Beyond that, I do not know if archangels have wings or not. Frankly I do not care. In asking a saint to pray for us, we are not ascribing powers or special access to them. Rather we acknowledge that there is more to reality than we can see and that we are as the epistle has it, "surrounded by a cloud of witnesses." That idea is pretty central to catholic belief.


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