06 October 2008

Thanks to Fr. Christian for this link.

As Buffalo Springfield observed, “There’s something happening here, what it is t’aint exactly clear.” What we can observe however, is interesting.

First the GAFCON official sites has been off and now back online. Nothing about this meeting seems to be there, now that it is back.

Second, with the exceptions directly quoted, we are not told who the 39 bishops were. More perhaps to the point, we are not told what provinces might have been represented.

Third, we only know of the meeting in the past tense. There was no announcement that the meeting might take place, no press coverage and nothing on the various uber-orthodox blogs. If no conflict exists, why the secret meeting?

I wonder why? Fr. Christian suggests that this session was to create as strategy to capture the initiative from the province of the Southern Cone which is quickly collecting bishops (Schofield and Duncan) as well as clergy and congregants. in North America and Canada. There is gold, or at least dollars at stake. And it is noticeable to those of us cynical to pay attention that the white male bishops are heading to a province with a white male primate. Hmmm…..

There is one other interesting note. The reporter refers to the group as a “clergy movement” and so it is. Laity are the coin of this schism. We are not the leaders.

A TOTAL of 39 bishops, are in the country to defend the Global Anglican Future Conference Movement (GAFCON).

GAFCON is a clergy movement against homosexuality in the Church.

Archbishop Nicholas Okoh from Nigeria, who is also the chairman of the GAFCON Theological Resource Group, said the misrepresentation of Christ and his nature is a threat to the Church.”


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