01 July 2009

And the web continues to tangle

This is from Christianity Today (as quoted on Anglicans Ablaze.)

[Christianity Today UK] 20 June 2009--Five English bishops are set to join the launch of a new fellowship for orthodox Anglicans who say they want to stay true to Scripture and get on with the Great Commission of sharing the Gospel with the world.

The Fellow of Confessing Anglicans will be launched in Westminster on July 6 in the presence of the Bishops of Fulham, Lewes, Chichester and Rochester. The Bishop of Chester has sent greetings.

The gathering will also hear video and personal greetings from international guests including Nigerian Archbishop Nicholas Okoh and Archbishop Henri Orombi from Uganda.

Well Jesus only began with 3 wise men and a few sheperds so 5 bishops is I guess a start. This new organization looks to me to be utterly il-conceived. It is to be formed affirming the "Jerusalem Deceleration" of "GafCon" or as I prefer "Gaf(fe)Con." The documents published about it say its members are going to stay in the CoE in almost exactly the same terms then bishop Duncan used about staying in TEC when he started "The Network." As all know that morphed into ACNA and former bishop Duncan is now "arch bishop" of whatever ACNA is or may become.

So, this new thing will be recognized by the Gaffe-prone as a new church within a church taking its doctrine and authority from the "Jerusalem Declaration" and not the Church of England. One wonders how Dr. Williams will Indaba that?



Anonymous said...

one of the subtle features of the Jerusalem declaration is that is was written to fit within the canons that define the doctrine of the Church Of England.

John Sandeman / Obadiah Slope

JimB said...


Maybe it will work out better than the Network did. I listen to the Central African comments about not needing Canterbury and I do not think it looks good.


Christal said...

I will have to read more of your posts on this topic to comment intelligently. Until then, I'll just say "Christal wuz here"

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