26 July 2009

Sue-z update (ongoing)......

Sue-z has moved again, this time to a general care room. This is super good news. She is still using a little 02. Current thinking is she either already had or has added sleep apnia (sp.) Too soon to be sure but we will watch for it. Anyroad, she is improving and looking forward to being home soon, or at least in rehab. Not sure what is next.

Sue-z and I both thank you for all the prayers and kind messages.

Deacon John came to her room today and she was able to take communion. He did a very nice prayer and reading service for us. A truly good guy. He was accompanied by his wife and the four of us, old friends, had a nice visit and shared in their joy at the arrival of a new grandbaby.

Life is moving on and Sue-z is getting healthier. Thanks be to God!


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