22 August 2009

Blog list update

I have changed the rather small list of suggested links I keep.

First I have added the GAFCON blog of Fr. Christian Troll. You will find his posts a bit scorching at times, and I think often quite funny but also very on target a lot of the time.

Second I have added Anglicans Ablaze. Robin, its owner, I think considers me a hopeless heretic. I may well be albeit I don't think so. Robin has a distinct and to me interesting viewpoint. His essays are a bit long, rather complex but none-the-less worth the time.

Finally I have deleted Orthodox Episcopal BB. I was invited out of the community there, and have left it. The current posts are so nonsensical that they simply are not worth the bandwidth. Time to let it go.



Phil Snider said...

Truth be known, the posts on the Orthodox Episcopal BB stopped making sense to me two or more years ago. I'm surprised you held on as long as you did.


JimB said...

I kept trying for quite a while to inject something like Christianity. So did Robin. But I don't see him there anymore either. ::sigh::


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