14 August 2009

last dip into secular politics

OK, well that drew a lot of comments and interest -- not.

But I said I would offer some alternatives.

First let me observe that it is amazingly silly to be pushing a plan when there is no plan the adminestration has put forward. And there is no real rush. Contrary to the propaganda on both sides, the system while lame and limping can probably limp on for another year or two.

So my suggestions:

1) Start a real process to draft a real policy without presumed solutions! Explicitly that means assume we do not at this moment know what the optimum solutions are.

2) Get out of the recession! Any solution will cost something. Debt is not good for health national or otherwise.

3) Remember (we liberals seem to forget this) that we own a unique asset -- States. One liberal assumption that is really simply wrong is the idea that we need one solution. 50 that actually work and conform to some basic principals might be a much more democratic solution. People are a lot closer to their State legislatures.

4) Please Democrats! Get us a real Speaker of the House. One who does not think any citizen who expresses disagreement is automatically a nazi. You might actually win the argument with a rational spokesperson. The team of Rangle and Pellozi could not sell used cars competing with Richard Nixon!

I think it is time for a national deep breath. Mr. Obama has correctly identified a system that needs work. What it does not need is instant preconceptions be they democrat or republican.


(and now back to my regular topics!)


Christal said...

I'm at a loss as for what is right for our country right now. I can see your point of view, but I have great reservations as to what President Obama will do to dig us in deeper, I mean, get us out of this mess.
The recession will not last forever. What if we just do nothing?

JimB said...

My idea is less to do nothing than to step back and actually come up with some ideas about what is best and what should be done. Congress could easily spend a year on hearings before writing a bill. By then the recession will either be over or it wont matter what they do.


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