19 August 2009

On candidates

Recently on Facebook I answered a survey question. The question was, "Would you vote for Sarah Palin in 2012?" I responded by selecting the "Probably not" option and took some major heat for it from liberal friends. What possible excuse could I have for voting for Palin?

I offer this article as an answer. Remember Illinois where I live is an open primary State and so given that Mr. Obama is a lock for the Democrats, I will have an opportunity to vote in the Republican primary without making any commitment to anything in the general elections.
After you read the article you will understand how I could say 'probably!' Better Palin than this goof anytime.


Thanks to Stephan for the heads up on the article.


RonF said...

I figure that 4 years is a long time, especially in American politics. I'm old enough to remember a politician who told the press he was retiring and that they wouldn't have him to kick around anymore who ended up subsequently getting elected to the Presidency twice. Get back to me in November 2011 or later and I'll answer the question of who I would or would not vote for.

JimB said...


Good point. I wont rule Mrs. Palin out, because I do not know the context.


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