02 January 2010

blogs a'changing

The software we bloggers use to do whatever it is we do contains a rich set of options.  So, as we perceive our readership and community changing bloggers often tweak the format and settings.  My friend Mad Priest is in the midst of a much larger re-configuration.  He is making major changes.

http://revjph.blogspot.com the mad one's blog is on my rather short list of recommended sites.  Fr. Jon is concerned that his changes may disrupt the RSS feed and associated links like Atom.  You can help by reporting to him if you are not seeing activity reported on your reader or mobile device.  If you have some issues getting to OCICBW, let me know here or by email and I will pass the word.

Also please watch this space.  I am planning a few changes here.  I did not coordinate this with the mad one, it simply worked out this way.  As my younger son noted yesterday, we bloggers are a bit unstable!  "Otherwise you might have real world friends!"  Yup.



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