29 January 2010


Coming soon, the primary election in my State.

My statistical counter for this blog does not tell me who reads it  It does tell me where you are from so for those who are not Americans, a primary is an election that selects candidates for the various parties.  Living in Illinois, I am permitted to vote in any party's election but only in one. For the one day of the election then the fiction is that I am a member of that party.  I make no commitment to that party, pay no dues, offer no service: I merely request its ballot.

This State has a history of remarkable people.   Three:  Lincoln, U. S. Grant and Mr. Obama have become president.  :Lately we have fallen on hard times.

One governor, Rod Blagojevich was impeached and removed, his predecessor is in Federal prison, where most of us expect  Blagojevich to be sent soon.   Two other governors have spent time in Federal prisons in recent memory.

How bad is it?  Well, the State's largest newspaper has decided not to endorse either Democrat candidate.

Pat Quinn is an honest man as near as I can tell.  As he was elected at the same time as Blagojevich, that is remarkable.   He has no new ideas I have heard other than increasing taxes. Illinois is already a high tax State.  The other Democrat, running against Mr. Quinn is a long time machine politician who with supreme irony offers himself as a reformer!

On the other major party side, the Republicans offer a  former county prosecutor who convicted two innocent men of murder and then refused to admit the mistake while his own staff told him they were innocent.   The likely winner however is a "conservative Republican" whose social agenda would drag Illinois firmly back to the 19th century and who offers no experience.

Here we go again!  Another governor who will tax without thinking and lead nowhere.  This is the office Stevenson, Olgilvie and  Altgeld held.  How have we lined up this many non-entities to follow two crooks?


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