10 April 2010

An apology

One or two of my readers ( come to think of it that is most of you! ) may have gotten a ghost notification of a post on this blog today that you could not find or read. I was wrestling with Blogger which had taken the formatting I used to set off the two primate's letters and applied it to the heading of the blog. In the process I created a test post that was not supposed to be seen. OOOOOPs!

I believe that I have this fixed. Do not be impressed I believe in the great pumpkin! But so far it looks like all is working again. HTML is the programming language from Central Africa or some other horrible spot.


1 comment:

christal said...

What is "The Great Pumpkin"? Just curious. I am glad to see your blog is operational. If not, I would have to dock your pay.

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