01 May 2010

spin, all is spin

Got a couple comments that this was a bit hard to read so I made some changes (in red.) I hope they help.

Over in Albany New York, the diocese has welcomed the news that Bp. Herzog who retired as ordinary and then resigned his ordained status and joined the Roman Catholic Church has requested and received re-admission to the ordained ministry of TEC. I do not know the bishop or much about the diocese but the members of the diocese and many in the church are glad he is back. Which leads us to spin.

Over on Stand Firm, the self proclaimed holy people are treating this as some sort of tragedy. They are saying:
  • Bp. Herzog, they proclaim, "groveled" in his (canonically necessary) interactions with Presiding Bishop Jefferts Shori.
  • His acceptance of his Episcopal ministry signals the eventual damnation of his and his wife's souls.
  • And they announce that the only reason TEC accepted his petition for re-admission is because it can be used politically.


They were not there. They apparently assume "groveling" because they cannot ascribe simply decency and competency to Jefferts Shori. They have no special insight into PBp Jefferts Shori's motives. She is their icon of evil so they cannot consider that she simply received the petition for re-admission and followed the procedures. They neatly ignore the fact that Bishop Donnovon who is no liberal was involved as required by canon in the process.

It is sad really. The hatred and anger that is so on display in the comments there. Like lemmings the all follow to the goal, finding the ulterior and evil motives of the church. Somedays I think schism has its own logic of rejection. One cannot merely leave one must spin the universe so any action by those left behind no matter how decent has an evil motive. ;;sigh;;


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