01 June 2010

Cry "Justice!"

My personal favorite image from the Hebrew Scriptures is Nathan walking into King David's hall and crying for justice. His "YOU are that man!" is the cry of "justice" to power. Nathan's use of a parable tells us something -- he faced danger there. David was king, he had his swordsmen and Nathan could have died.

Compare and contrast. Nathan, prophet of God and the church of England's two most vocal bishops, Rowan Williams and N. T. Wright crying "Silence" to the North American and other progressive churches. Nathan risking his life, the bishops risking other people's lives and vocations. Nathan calling for God's justice, Dr. Williams unjustly using the position of some academics to punish those who seek freedom, truth and justice. Nathan speaking the word of God, Dr. Williams with his word of legalism in the 'covenant.' Then ask yourself the question that comes up more than once in those scriptures, "who do you serve?"

Clearly TEC, ACoCanada, and the other churches singled out by Dr. Williams cannot accept the ghetto status of "consultants." If we are tossed aside, we have to take the view that we are completely tossed aside. To cry 'justice' to miss-used power requires us to refuse to accept half way human status for ourselves and for our lgbt members.

That really is all there is to say about Dr. Williams' letter. He has so diminished himself, his office and the communion by his misuse of the office that he simply does not merit much more writing. His letter, an angry screed occasioned because USA, Canada and apparently R'wanda won't behave is not worthy of additional analysis.

I include R'wanda because while I disagree with their views, they have acted more honorably than many of the 'orthodox' and certainly the archbishop. AMiA does not seek to steal TEC property, it does not seek to subvert TEC ministries. Rather it is a missionary arm that could show us something -- they PLANT and GROW congregations. No I do not like what they preach but they do not deserve to be diminished any more than we do. Crying justice to power requires that we seek it for all. I repent my own errror some time ago in dismissing AMiA: I was wrong.

I believe in the marketplace of ideas. It says so on the top of this page and in the comments section (feel invited to visit the comments page!) So, if AMiA has a message and a ministry, so do we. Let's have the fight, let's compete. Let neither seek the miss-use of Canterbury's power to diminish the other. I expect TEC to carry the day but that does not lessen the obligation to be fair.

"JUSTICE! for ALL" Do you hear that archbishop? No I did not think so.


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