15 August 2010

Freedom of religion -- even in New York!

There is so much demagoguery going on around the issue of a planned Islamic community center in Manhattan that one hesitates to comment.  The idiot quotient is very high on this one.

I am particularly distressed that the Republican party has elected to place itself on the side of the mindless.  If we are to have a two party system (and it seems we must) then it falls to the two parties to at least read the Constitution.  I think the obligation  should include advocating for freedom too.   Not so the idiots in the GOP leadership!

Mr. Obama has not covered himself with glory.  Yesterday he correctly noted that Americans posses "freedom of religion" and as a matter of right can build yup, an Islamic center, in Manhattan.  Today, as the mob bays, he is backing off.  I think the word is "pathetic."

Let us review:

  • Islam did not attack the World Trade Center.   The jihadists who did attack it were and those alive remain perverters of their religion.  Many including Mr. bin Laden are wanted traitors in their own countries.
  • The center is NOT (Sarah Palin and other seriously ignorant commentators to the contrary)  at the ground zero site, nor does it overlook it.
  • The leaders of the effort to create the center are Sufi who are widely persecuted by the Sunni loony killers of AlQuida and the Taliban.  Yup, Mrs. Palin inter alia are against the wrong Moslems.
  • For the record, the ground zero sight is not the heart of America. 
  • The American tradition is that all religions have a right to be here, pray here, build here.  We even permit millennialism believing protestants and for those of us who consider that a blasphemy (moi) it is harder than living with Islam!
  • Islam has done us no harm.  Fundamentalism has, it is precisely the mind set of the jihadists.
The simple fact is that  because of the likes of Mrs. Palin and Mr. Beck this is now an issue is proof of their lack of understanding about what makes America work.  We are not the melting pot, we are a mixture of identities.  The difference is critical.  Islam has as much of a place at the public square as fundamentalist Christianity (and arguably comes with more to offer.)  

Incidentally, the target selection on 911 is interesting.  The jihadists chose the World Trade Center among other reasons because it offered a number of  Moslem targets.   

I am praying that some of the leaders of our major religions especially Christians will step up and defend Islam and the center against the mob.  As Nathan cried "Justice" to David, we must cry "Freedom" to the demagogues.



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