01 August 2010

The next book I am reading -- a review

Here is a review of a recently published book, Jesus and the Eyewitnesses.

I have always been a bit uncomfortable with the "Jesus Seminar" approach. While it has the advantage of taking the study of the process that formed the Scriptures seriously unlike the sloppy assumptions of fundamentalism, it makes I think too many assumptions. That is why I find Dr. Wright's "Critical Realism" approach much more reasonable and like a lot of E. P. Sanders's work. They too take the question seriously without as many unwarranted assumptions.

So, this is the next book I will read, right after I finish Christianity the First 3000 Years

I may have to at my advanced age consider learning more Greek. I am at best an indifferent scholar of the language, but I keep finding myself drawn to the early fathers (and a few mothers) and their works.

I am worried that at 64 I may be done living before I am done learning. Oh wait, that is the program! In the meantime I commend the review to you and I suspect I will be recommending the book soon.


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