06 September 2010

Labor Day dinner

Two flat pork loins, each with 3 length wise slashes 1 inch deep on one side.  Slash the side away from the fat cap.
Half a medium onion chopped 
one celery head chopped 
4 dry cured veal sausage sticks sliced lengthwise.
Option:Fresh basil, tarragon, thyme or mint to taste

Place four pieces of cooking twine across a shallow roasting pan.   Place one roast slashed side up on the strings so they lie widthwise. 

Cover with  1/2 the onion and 1/2 celery  followed by all the sausage laid so it covers the roast followed by the remaining celery and onion.  Put the second roast over all slashed side down.  Tie the strings.  

Roast to 160 f about 1 1/2 hours in a 350 oven.  Let rest 10 minutes, de-fat and de-glaze the pan make a pan sauce optionally with some more of your chosen herb. Serve with pan roasted potatoes.

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Christal said...

Seeing how I scarfed down this delicious recipe, I must say the following: MMMMMM....DELICIOUS. If we were in Japan, I would belch for you, Dad.

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