20 October 2010


Any law student, attourney, cop or insurance investigator can tell you that perfectly reasonable and sober appearing people can report wildly different versions of an event they observed. There are any number of factors that can influence the report an observer makes: where they were standing relative to the event, how the light was falling, differences in eyesight and the like influence the reporter and therefore the report.

A key factor is the paradigm of the reporter. The reporter brings to an event the assumptions about how the world works and inevitably these influence what the reporter is capable of seeing. The issue is not integrity, it is expectation -- our assumptions limit our ability to see or hear.

All of which is by way of introduction to this passing comment on a conservative blog, "I know everything is rosy in TEC now." This observer notes that AC-NA inter alia are loosing most of their attempts to appropriate (he probably would say "retain," Fr. Troll would say, "steal.") church property and so far Dr. Williams has not moved to expel either TEC or AC Canada from the communion while AC-NA, CANA and AMiA have not been even considered for admission. As those are markers of how he thinks TEC looks at the world.

  • When I look at the Anglican feud in North America I see churches so busy defending themselves or attacking each other that they do relatively little good. 
  • I see the attacks on TEC and Southern Cone as part of a concerted effort to impose the so-called Covenant and thereby a curial international church that replaces the Anglican Communion. 
  •  I see the current attempts by Bp. Lawrence and the Diocese of South Carolina to sort of not quite schism and I see a second phase of the Chapman strategy.

My view is less than rosy.


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Christal said...

Dad, I had not noticed that your view was less than rosy....yes, I am being sarcastic!

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