14 December 2010

Amazingly cute nativity scene

Christmas nativity scene made from pork products

Resting on a bed of sauerkraut, constructed of pork sausages, ham and bacon, this is an edible nativity.  I could so see baking this off for Christmas dinner.  I am sad I did not think of it first.  I suppose if I did I would have to consider a pre-Christmas version without the baby as I cannot imagine actually eating that sausage.  

 HT to Brad U. for this image.



Phil Snider said...

I agree about the appetizing element of it (I'm having pork withdrawl as my pregnant wife isn't coping with pork products), but PORK in Judaea! Ahhh, theological and kashrut bends....!

Merry Christmas,

JimB said...

I think it is funny and cute, I ag ree there are kosher issues but no one thinks it is historical. Tasty, not historical.

I have been enjoying your Oh Antiphon series. Thanks and Merry Christmas.


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