13 April 2011

More on lies and such

I suspect like most Americans I want to think the Senate is composed of serious men and women engaged in a debate and conversation about the various policy issues that our country faces. I want to think that these people are honest, that they engage in negotiation and discussion that is both honest and meaningful. Oh, I know that sometimes one must joke, that friendship and even an occasional martini (make mine Blue Sapphire, stirred) are the lubricants of discourse. But on the floor of the Senate, in session, I want to think these people are as impressed with the importance of what they do as I am.

Enter one John Kyl (my bad on the spelling)- Senator from Arizona. He said during the debate on the budget and "government shutdown" that Planned Parenthood should not be funded because abortion is "well over 90% of what Planned Parenthood does." This on the record, in a formal session of the Senate. It is not true. By any measure, number of women served, budget, space utilized, Planed Parenthood cannot be said to do abortions as over 90% of their activities. Ooops!

The senator's staff offered this "explanation."‎
His remarks were not intended to be a factual statement.
Well that helps! How are we to know when he is attempting or intending a "factual statement?" He was on the floor, addressing the Senate. When does he plan to to speak honestly? Does he lie most of the time but then decide to be "factual?"

One wonders why in the world Arizona chooses to send this goof to Washington? But then, it does get him out of Arizona. I am reminded of Richard Nixon of whom after he was carried California running for Vice-president, Senator and President but not Governor someone said that Californians were willing to send him across the country to Washington but not across the State to Sacramento.


HT to Rev. Susan who put me on this trail.


Christal said...

I wonder if Planned Parenthood has any response to the Senator's comment? I am by no means a fan of this organization, but it doesn't sound quite accurate to me.

JimB said...

They did have a response and it was what caused the Senator to do the double talk dance. He simply did not bother with little things like truth until they called him on it.

Planned Parenthood is now running ads about the various non-abortion services it provides. I think that is at least in response to this goof and the other republicans who attacked them.


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