03 April 2011

Politics of death panels

I want to be a political conservative, I really really do. I actually think that the State should limit itself to those things the individual or local community legitimately require and cannot do themselves. In that sense I suppose I am a disciple of the great Senator Henry Clay. It is unfortunate that in America in my time we do not have conservatives, we have murderously incompetent Republicans.

These quotes are from an editorial which ran in the Fort Worth (Texas) Star Telegram. My comments follow each quotation in red italics

Let people die.

Our very own death panel voted last week against adding $23 million in lifesaving medications for poor Texans with HIV, essentially turning away the 2,000 new patients who will need help in the next two years.
My memory is that the Republicans told us repeatedly that government panels should not be in the business of deciding some should die. I guess it is ok if those selected are poor?
At the AIDS Outreach Center of Tarrant County, Associate Executive Director Shannon Hilgart echoed Lakey's words.

"The folks we see" -- 500 new cases a year -- "don't have the money for medications," she said.

Without state help, she said, "They will die."
Well,that will solve three problems, it will reduce the homeless population, cut the number of beggars and save money. What is not to like?
But we'll balance the budget.
This is not just, it is not moral and it is not American.

It is all about priorities is it not? I am not a student of the Texas budget, but I am confident there are a lot of two million dollar line items. And I am also confident that at least some of them are items that benefit relatively well-off Republican constituents who can take care of themselves. Where does the legislature look to save two million? Why to health care for poor people. Poor people who are not white, who are of Mexican or Native American heritage, poor people who probably vote democrat.

Ah well, killing off a couple thousand poor folks is not a problem for someone. Want to bet the legislators who decided this self-identify as Christians?



Christal said...

Do these Republicans see these poor people with HIV as just dead already and not worth their time?

JimB said...

I really hate to say this but I think they see them as democrat votes.


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