09 June 2011

New Release From General Convention 2015

Today's session of General Convention saw the ultimate effect of adopting the "Anglican Covenant." A controversial resolution passed the House of Bishops that strips every woman now in holy orders of her ecclesiastical standing.

The action was taken based on a prior action in 2012 when the church passed the "Anglican Covenant." In a footnote, that document committed the church to the 1662 Ordinal which limited orders to men, and the 1662 prayer book with its Calvinist understanding of sacramental actions.

During the debate, one bishop observed, "If the church did not as my brother suggests, "intend" to defrock women, it should not have passed an ordinal into its constitutional law that committed it to be "Anglican" and affirmed the men only canon. As it did, we are left with the written record."

Reached for comment at Lambeth Palace, His Holiness Rowan I said, "oh, that is very interesting and probably requires that the other instruments of unity investigate it for its ontological consistency" (or something like that.)


Christal said...

Read this and I don't understand what the quote by Rowan means at the end of ths post. Can you explain it? :)

JimB said...

My dear, only someone who with the benefit of sufficiently supple intellectual ability to conflate concepts of considerable consequence could possibly...... What was your question?


Christal said...

Dad, you made me laugh out loud!

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