04 July 2011

From the Future (Another News Clip!)

Regular readers of this blog have both noticed that we now have a reporter who roams the future.  No other blog, even those with readers who comment, provides future reporting services.  Today we received another report from the future.

General Synod 2013

This afternoon the meeting of General Synod descended into chaotic shouting as members expressed shock and outrage at the ruling from the chair that the proposed vote to expressly permit the ordination of lesbian and gay candidates to deacon and priest, already a widespread practice and to permit the appointment of  openly lesbian or gay candidates to be bishops, is out of order.  Basing his ruling on the adoption in 2012 of the Anglican Covenant, Dr. Williams ruled against the motion.

Dr. Williams asked staff to explain the ruling, as he had  not had time to write a book regarding the subject.  The staff barrister explained, "The covenant appoints the Archbishop compliance officer for the Church.  As such he has primary responsibility to assure that we do nothing un-Anglican.  That gives him and every other primate effective veto authority and over-rules our canon and civil law."  

In response to an inquiry, Dr. Williams explained that the covenant did not contain a procedure for reversing assent to it.  He said with remarkable brevity, "Of course not!"  Shortly thereafter responding to a motion he alone heard, he declared "motion to adjourn, seconded and passed."  

This reporter made an effort to obtain reaction from those present:

Observing from the "second tier seats," Dr. Jefferts Shori observed, "This is of course first tier church business and therefore does not concern us."  

This reporter was unable to obtain comments from lesbian or gay leaders as they boarded a chartered bus.  I was able to notice a sign on the dashboard, "The Episcopal Communion Luncheon Charter."  The bus left amid significant security but I can disclose that several of the riders appeared to be bishops. 


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