14 September 2011


Before The
Washington, D. C.

In the Matter of

Deportation Order                                                      )
God,                                                                           )
Miriam of Nazareth                                                     ) Docket TTO1 - 999
Jesus of Nazareth                                                        )
“The Holy Spirit” aka “The Comforter”                      )
Peter the Galilean                                                       )
Paul of Tarsis                                                             )
inter alia                                                                     )

To The INS

Comments of The Christians For Throwing Them Out Division of The Republican Party

The Comments of The Christians For Throwing Them Out Division of The Republican Party, otherwise known as the Perry and Bachmann Campaigns or simply as the GOP, offers the following comments on the contested deportation orders now pending.

These individuals claim a right to remain in the USA based on several false and misleading statements. First they claim that as they are the originators of the Christian religion and that it is an acknowledged foundation of the USA, that they should be permitted, to remain as “cultural bedrock.”

In fact, America is founded on the Bible, a book printed in English. These individuals are not English speakers, as near as the GOP has been able to identify, they speak Aramaic, Hebrew, Latin, and Greek. While we applaud their multiple language learning, it is not American English. We join our comments with those of U.S. English another group calling for deportation.

Several of these individuals are not of sufficient moral character to be Americans. We note:

  • God appears to be the illegitimate father of Miriam's out-of-wedlock son whom she had while engaged to another person. During the "Civil War" he was alleged to have been on the side of the government. 
  • Peter left his sickly mother-in-law and wife without even obtaining a hot mistress.
  • Paul admits to moral failures!
  • Jesus routinely assaults temple workers, incites hard working taxpayers to abandon their taxable crafts, is considered a “prophet” by the foreign “Islam” religion, and preaches free love.
  • None of these individuals have as they testified, read or accepts the teachings of the King James Bible.

We urge the Commission to enforce the deportation orders and Throw Them Out.

As to the “Spirit” we understand this person blows where he will and cannot be controlled. None the less we ask that the order be continued as he may show up here again.


One of Creeps on your blog said...

Is the INS Immigration???????

JimB said...



JimB said...

Of course I made it all up, but then yhou were not sure were you?

JimB said...

Of course I made it all up, but then yhou were not sure were you?

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