20 September 2011

The end of civilization as we know it

Well, here it is. As of today, Don't Ask Don't Tell, the onerous policy under which only straight people were permitted to admit they own a sex drive is dishonorable history.

DADT has been responsible for rapes, "If you don't, I will tell the sargent you are a lesbian" is the stuff of rape. It has deprived the military of over 14,000 (!) volunteers, warriors who were there to defend this country that failed to honor them. It was wrong and its demise is to be celebrated.

But wait(!) The IVD (Idiot Voices of Doom) the same people who told us that if lesbians and gay men were able to legally affirm their relationships, to be, (gasp!) married to each other, civilization inevitably would self-destruct, are sure we will now be beaten by the fearsome military of Andorra. Oh, wait, Andorra does not have a military.

Here is a simple fact, the threat profile has not changed. The Taliban in Afghanistan has not become stronger, Al Quida has not become more successful because some men and women who serve this country are suddenly able to be a bit more honest. Here is another, people who go through the difficult, horrible experience of combat know each other. Very few soldiers will be surprised today when someone in their platoon comes out.

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