12 September 2011

Rt. Rev. Walter Righter RIP

I hope the bishop where I live could not pick me out of a line-up. I have met him a half dozen times. In fact I attended his consecration. We have never had a coversation, and I do not plan to change that. I have met quite a few other bishops, but I certainly do not seek them out, nor doconversations, meetings and all the other odd things one can attend.

In one sense this reflects my experience as a one-time postulant. I have had some rather unhappy times in the presence of bishops. In another it is simply my view that they and I both have better things to do with our time.

So when I tell you that I cherished the (correspondent) relationship I had with bishop Righter, that is saying a lot. He and I traded occasional emails, not many and not often, on the subjects of evangelism (his passion I think) and church polity. In the few electronic conversations we had, I felt sure someone was actually listening to my comments, and valuing them! Remember I am not a big deal, no major role or contribution here. None-the-less he was attentive, thoughtful and kind, all while he was very ill.

I think he was well received when he arrived before the recording angel. Oh I am sure like all of us he had some things to consider. But his faith that Jesus would speak for him was unwavering and I am sure correct. Rest in peace and rise in glory bishop! You did more and better than most in our time.



The Elf upstairs said...

*I* happen to think you're a great contributor to the blogosphere, and that you make people think. So, believe me you are somebody special.:)

Anonymous said...

It is scary to think of evangelism on behalf of evil ideas, such as encouraging people to indulge a sinful and self-destructive inclination such as homosexuality.

JimB said...

"Anonymous" I cannot think of a single evil thing he advocated. In any case, he always signed his name.


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