25 September 2011

A Recommended Post

This is from a disturbing, but I fear spot on, blog entry at Seven Whole Days. Ifear I know, and indeed may well pray at this church or another that is just like it. I commend the entire post to your attention.

Here’s a recent experience: I arrive 10-15 minutes before the service. As I enter the narthex, I see the usher engaged in conversation with a parishioner. The usher is clutching a pile of service leaflets. No problem, I’ll just grab one off a table and take myself to a pew. No dice. The only leaflets are held by the talking usher. I walk toward him, waiting for him to pause. He glances at me: “Oh, you need a program?” in a not particularly friendly tone. “Yes, please. Thank you.” Without a further glance or a word, he shoves a leaflet my direction and continues the conversation. Welcome to the Episcopal Church.


Wormwood's Doxy said...

Jim--thanks for pointing me in the direction of that post! I sent it to my spouse and to a couple of priests and deacons I know. Great food for thought....


JimB said...

You are quite welcome. I think it is a very engaging piece of writing.


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