19 December 2011

Jim's Thought for the day

The difference between Scrooge and Speaker Boehner is that Scrooge was redeemable.


Anonymous said...

What xtian charity! No wonder your church is growing so fast! And is so diverse!

JimB said...

Hmmm.... I suppose you are correct, Scrouge is perhaps only more redeemable. After all, we hear God does miracles.

As to diversity, Christians range from conservative capitalists to liberal socialists. What Christians however must be is concerned for justice, determined to help the poor, and unwilling to simply enrich the wealthy. Unfortunately, I perceive (I have been wrong before) the Speaker's program as denying justice, starving the poor and enriching the rich.

I am as are you, likely to be wrong, and yet entitled to a viewpoint.


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