01 February 2012


My son Stephan found this and passed it to me via Facebook. There is a great thought there which the "Christian Right" (which is neither) often misses. In a diverse, pluralistic culture, they commit, if they insist on "school prayer" an act of elitist discrimination that is, and should be unlawful.

I am for instance, involved in Scouting. Every once in a while we find it necessary to remind our volunteers that, "non-denominational" is not a synonym of "nonsectarian." Islam, Buddhism, Judaism, and Wicca, inter alia are not denominations. They are however, all religions and if we insist on the silly idea of "school prayer" there is every reason to suggest they all should be allowed. How excited the Dominonist Christians are going to be when they are told to face Mecca to begin the school day is an interesting thing to ponder.

No wonder these are the people against immigration.


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