22 February 2012

A New Voice Emerges

For some time, indeed months, Coalition members have invited those who support the Covenant to a conversation about it*. While we are confident who will "win," the reason for the invitation was both a desire to be fair, and a real curiosity about what ideas if any could possibly justify the Covenant. It appears that at last, a very few (2) members of the Church of England have picked up the invitation.

At this new web site a group called, "Yes to the Covenant" has appeared. For two people working with one patron I must say the web site is well done. In fact, it makes me wonder. Sanatized source code and anonymous registration leads me to think there are more than the three identified members at work here. Who are the ones in the shadows?

On substance, I confess to being disappointed.

The content in the "Why Support The Covenant" page is particularly weak. Only the old saw that it is, "the only game in town" is offered. That is simply wrong. We have a very traditional option, Communion, which has served Anglicans well for almost two hundred years.

So, welcome to the fray, "Yes to the Covenant." While we do not agree, I hope we disagree passionately and politely. I await some serious arguments. When it appears, be sure I and my colleagues shall be on our website, blog, Facebooktm page, Twittertm page, and individual blogs, willing to engage.

member:No Anglican Covenant Coalition


* I should note that only in the case of New Zealand have I encountered a proponent who is willing to engage. I find hi argument fascinating because it does not support the reasoning of the drafting group or Dr. Williams.

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