24 March 2012

The News is All GOOD!

You know you are right, and you agitate, organize, analyze, write, and argue passionately against what you are sure is a really bad idea. And yet, always, the question: what if I am wrong?

I always recall Cromwell, "I beg you consider that you might be wrong!" So, it is an exciting moment when a stunning confirmation comes along. I have thought for some time that some of the churches in the communion would refuse to endorse the Covenant. But I have had fears that the miss-used power of the archbishops would force it upon England. I should it seems have more faith in the brilliant determined minds of the working clergy and laity of the Church in England! As of today's votes, a majority of the diocese have rejected the thing and it is for all practical purposes a dead letter in England.

Of course, the issue remains contested in other parts of the church and the Coalition's members will continue. But for a day, three cheers for England and liberty!

This is the News Release!

Initial opposition from Fr. Jonathon, and a few bloggers around the communion; formation of the Coalition, a small band of bloggers; allies in Modern Church and Inclusive Church; increasing support from amazing patrons; and the hand of the Spirit. The Covenant is defeated in England. Hip hip hooray!

Ok, I am done cheering and back to work now.


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christal said...

Hip hip hooray!!!!!

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