15 May 2012

Politics Ugly

The news is interesting. Mr. Romney made what can only be described as an amazingly ugly, pandering, and dishonest speech in Virginia. He spoke at the commencement ceremony of Liberty University. Liberty is a relatively young school, it was started as, "Liberty Bible College" by the late Jerry Falwell as a training school for "ministers," by which he meant as near as I can tell, an indoctrinated sales force pushing his very poorly constructed theology.

Over time the school has morphed into a "university" offering secular courses of study, but only one unified world view. How a university can impose mono-chromatic thinking is beyond me. My school expected me to learn to think, not to learn what to think.

As I read its catalog, Liberty is, aggressively creationist, heretical (advocating the "End times" and "Rapture" lunacy,) and a proponent of a self styled "inerrant view" of the Bible. Mr. Romney seems to think this is fine if they vote for him.

There is an issue here. Liberty indoctrinated, or as they might prefer educated, students and staff do not really think of Mormons as Christians. This puts the LDS in good company, they take the same exclusionary attitude towards Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican, Lutheran, Presbyterian, and other normal Christians.

Romney's speech was devastatingly evil. He announced that what he called the, "Christian Conscience" is the highest form of judgement, that marriage must be between one man and one woman (a valid religious view perhaps, but clearly neither Mormon nor Biblical.) He pandered to the triumphalist, homophobic, misogynist, and anti-semetic all in one speech. I suppose that is an achievement of sorts.

In his "etch-a-sketch" world this is something he will try to recall only when addressing "Christian Right" audiences. He appears to think other voters are idiots who will not remember what he said in Virginia. I hope Mr. Obama and the Democrats will make sure that he does not get to walk away from what he said.

It appears to me that there is nothing, no matter how ugly, that Mr. Romney won't do to get elected. If he is, to achieve his no taxes on the wealthy vision, he will let the worst of the Republican radicals impose their undemocratic agenda on the pessants voters. His vision for America can be seen in Michigan where the Republicans have deprived urban votes of their governments, Virginia and other forced medical rape States, Arizona where it is now not malpractice to lie to a woman about her test results, and Wisconsin where the governor has led a full-on assault on freedom.

These people are dangerous!



I should note that Etch-a-sketch is a fine toy, made by a good company. I have several in my youth, loved them. I bought them for my sons. There is nothing wrong with the toy. There is something very wrong with the way the Romney people use its shake to clear ability to describe how to lie to voters.

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