07 August 2012


About a year ago, I came to two realizations:

  1. I was walking less and less well, and for that matter, not very much at all.
  2. My weight, always a concern, was out of control.

Something had to happen, or I was going to be either immobile, or dead.

About the same time, Sue-z read me an article about a way to diet that was according to her sources, remarkably effective and doable. It consists of only one or two rules, and for someone as notoriously unable to accept lots of rules, that sounded good. Sue-z has her own weight issues, so we talked about things and agreed to try.

The Rules

  1. Two consecutive days each week, limit food intake to less than 651 calories.
  2. Do not deliberately, "make up" food consumption the other five days.
  3. Keep lunch calories down the rest of the week

It works. I lost about 4 pounds (1.8 kg. or .28 stone) the first week. The game was definitely afoot! Sue-z also lost, about 2.5 pounds (1 kg.) which is not fair, but men generally loose faster than women.

We have come up with some things along the way. "Fasting day foods:"

  1. Greek yogurt is about 125 calories a container here.
  2. We love pepper salad.
    2 large cucumbers, peeled, seeded, & chopped
    2 large ripe tomatoes (best you can find!) seeded & chopped
    1 each: large ripe, yellow, orange, red & green bell peppers, seeded & chopped
    1 sweet or red onion, peeled and minced
    1/2 cup(or a bit more more) Thai sweet chili sauce
    Zest and juice of two limes, or 4 key limes if available
    1/2 Cup dry roasted peanuts, chopped

    Combine all ingredients. Serve with salt, pepper, and hot sauce to taste.
    Keep refrigerated. Remember this is a two day diet, this is enough for two people for two days.
  3. Locally, Trader Joe's, but we are sure other companies make "Thai Rice Noodle" bowls. These are a "just-add-boiling-water, and the seasoning packet" fare and they are both tasty and about 220 calories. As they are rice based, they are safe for Celiacs, which matters. Sue-z has to be very careful. They also offer certified gluten free oatmeal, a godsend!
  4. Two soft or hard cooked extra large eggs are about 140 calories.

Just walking, now that I have my new knee, really helps. And the diet seems to be particularly effective at targeting bellies. The weight does drop other places, but my belt size is down about 8 inches!

The cool thing is that you can do anything for two days. So while a 650 calorie diet is severe, it is also brief. We can do this. To date, I have dropped over 70 pounds, and Sue-z is doing well too, having dropped more than 50. We are not done, but we are confident.

This takes a while, and you have to stick with it. But then, we did not get fat overnight! This is a project, not a miracle cure.

Is it worth it? Oh yes! Seeing the emerging body image is worth it. Watching my use of insulin drop a bit, is worth it. Being able to drop a diabetic medication that carries some significant risks is worth it.

It is all process. We are learning to eat differently, dropping a lot of things like potato chips (crisps for you British folk.) I do not even miss the ice cream anymore, although that took a few weeks. One must in the classic sense, repent, that is change the way you live. But it can be done and the rewards are real.

Loosing this sort of weight has a spiritual dimension. I think it has to have that. This too, is the journey, and we have chosen a path.


Leonard said...

Thank you Jim. I too have gained weight (since my eye operations a few years ago I seemed to be sort of hiding out and hunkering down for any other pending doom scare)...I´m usually a very active person and for most of my life went to the Gym everyday...I´ve not been to the Gym or even walking about much because I have become more content to live in the confines of my house (it has a little garden in the middle, lots of dogs, birds and turtles for company)...besides, after the eye stuff I´ve been instructed not to lift over 30lbs and I took that to be not to lift much of any weight. I also am fortunate to have ¨human help¨ who come into my retired life (a bonus because wages are quite reasonable in Guatemala as is the rent and the food, think veggies and fruit, supply). I´m going to add your 651 diet to my two day regime. I recently stopped a Vegan approach because I had a month trip to the States and everyone/everywhere lavished wonderful meals on me...besides, the Vegan did lower my blood pressure, I did drop a inch or two around the waistline but I can use it along with this approach. We eat tons of veggies and fruits around here...I always need to avoid sweets (30+ year recovering alcoholic and I still like sugar but sometimes have abandoned for years at a time).

Yes, spiritual indeed. Since my return a week ago to Guatemala I´ve been praying for the ¨willingness¨ to face a healthier lifestyle again...you´ve inspired me (which in fact is spiritual in my opinion).

I hope all is settling down at your house and I send you and your family my wish for your happiness and peace of mind.


Anonymous said...

All I can say is, Just Say No to most grains, like rice and bread and all that. Minimize starch. Weight has *fallen off of me* since I did this.

Oh, and if possible - walk with wrist weights, and swing your arms up to your shoulders and back as you walk. Burns more calories.

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