15 October 2012


Once in a while, something startling happens. Today, that something is the endorsement by the Winston-Salem Journal of President Obama. The last time this paper endorsed a Democrat, it was Lyndon Johnson who went on to crush Barry Goldwater.

I do not really know how much a newspaper's endorsement helps a candidate in our electronic day. The papers, that is the good ones, spend considerable time and effort meeting, considering and evaluating before they decide on endorsements. Yes they do so with the editorial viewpoint of the paper, and yes you should consider that when you read the endorsements. But the sense I have is that they really are seeking to give good advice, and their editorials generally explain why they came to their decision.

Here is a link to the editorial. I think the paper made an effort not to write merely about how Mr. Obama is better for North Carolina, albeit they certainly think he is; but rather to write for the country. Their endorsement deserves your attention.


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