06 November 2012

Never and Authority

"Never" is one of those words one should avoid using. Dr. Williams, a failed archbishop of Canterbury if ever there was one, has been using it. He is reported to have said in New Zealand where the Anglican Consultative Council is meeting, that the Communion will, "never accept gay marriage."

The thing is, one can find historical comments from his predecessors that women deacons (let alone bishops!) marriage after divorce, "inter-marriage" meaning with Roman Catholics (do not even ask about Jews,) and a number of other now commonly accepted expansions of the hierarchy's extreme myopia would, "never" happen.

Never is a long, long time. Rome was destined as its leaders knew to rule the world and never fail. ooops.

The Word is still renewing the creation. It is not as the theologically incompetent want to label it a, "new gospel." There is no such. The kingdom of God is still among us, still growing, still finding new people to add, and still not imposing the closed club some want. It is the Spirit's business to continue pushing the boundaries away.

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