29 March 2014

Music and Youth

One sort of folk music variant is the, "minstrel song." These came from two sorts of sources: actual minstrel shows that toured 19th century America, and Stephan J. Foster who carved a career writing them as pop music. One of them is, "Boil that cabbage" which is a sort of endless ditty. At one point, fueled by youth, brandy, and good company, I sang with a group that did 125 verses without repeating ourselves. We did not run out of couplets, but rather brandy. ;) The song is a lot like Goodnight Irene, one simply makes up a verse. The music is catchy, rhythmic, and fun. I taught the dulcimer melody, and a simple interlude / counter melody (useful when you need time to compose your next verse,) to Jamie earlier in the week. That young lady thinks! She worked out the pattern, and some simple, and rather complex variations. Tonight we jammed for about 2 hours, on that one tune. Jamie confidently took the lead, took the interlude, called the changes: when she was going where, explored the dynamics, and did some on-the-fly rhythm picking. She rocked. That little 4 string dulcimer sang. I suppose everyone thinks his or her granddaughter is the brightest star in the heavens. I just happen to be right. Brandy anyone?

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