05 May 2014

Christian? Baptism?

Frequently, indeed most of the time, I re-write a post several times before it appears here. But this is a special case. Somehow, not sure how, I managed to delete a post I thought done. Here then my best effort at re-writing it. This is a bit longer, because I have taken the reactions and subsequent comments of Mrs. Palin into account.

My apologies for this odd moment.

Recently, Ms. Palin spoke at an NRA convention. The speech and especially one part of it have gone viral. You can find them on YouTube. I am concerned with one particularly offensive comment. She said, "If I were in charge, they would know that water boarding is how we baptize terrorists."

To be fair, the church has failed of its own ideals at times. We call that the, "Inquisition," and "the Crusades." Anti-Christian Muslims to this day call the West, "the crusaders." That is NOT a compliment.

Mrs. Palin, in any case, betrays either disregard for the faith she claims to embrace, or ignorance of it.

As the almost uniformly negative reaction to her speech came rolling in, she has tried to portray herself as a victim of some liberal plot against her free speech rights. One can only assume that as ignorant as she appears of baptism and the faith, she is at least that unaware of the content of the First Amendment. No one I have read has suggested she be be denied her right to speak. I wonder does she not know that blasphemy is not against our law?

Mrs. Palin has done real damage to the perception of the NRA, and it is they that make me wonder. The audience cheered her comment. I hope that there were at least a few Christians who were too stunned and offended to react.

I would think the NRA would want to distance itself from her remarks. But, the silence has been remarkable.

I have to wonder about those in her audience who cheered the sentence. Do they disrespect the sacraments of the church, or do they approve of torture? Either is deeply troubling especially given the silence of the hosts.

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