30 August 2014


Recently, because a fight broke in a plane because someone managed to "carry on" seat locks that stopped the (very angry) woman in front of him from reclining her seat, the issue of using such locks, reclining, and in-flight courtesy generally, has arisen. The barometer of American concern, late night talk shows, has picked up on the issue. As a sometimes frequent flyer, I have some experience with the issue. Herewith a few thoughts:
  1. There is a solution to the incredible crowding on airline flights. Ban the use of first class seats by Airline executives. Problem solved -- in about 3 seeks every aircraft will have more commodious seats.
  2. The airlines should prohibit the "seat locks."
  3. Seats can be set so that the angle the seats recline is less of an imposition on the person behind them. I favor a 2 position design, up and back - a little.
  4. We could all loose a few pounds. The compression one experiences is proportional to the amount of the space between seats we consume. For me, and many other over-weight persons, that is a significant feature.
  5. Amtrack should consider advertising its recliner courteous seating.
  6. Take a bit more time and experience the country. The least expensive way to travel in America, is almost always via personal auto.
  7. And finally, what ever happened to simple courtesy? OK, the airlines do not help with their sardines-have-more-room seating plans. But we still decide how we act.

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