19 September 2014

Someone, Preferably Someone "Progressive" Needs to Say This -- Dear Mr. Barkley

Dear Mr. Barkley:

I have been a fan of yours for a long time. When you were battling the Bulls for the NBA championship, even though I live near Chicago, I was hoping you might win one. We had plenty after all. I have enjoyed your perspective and ability as a sportscaster too. Until this week.

You see this week you did untold damage to the African American community, to kids generally, and to America. In the process you handed a victory to the very worst part of my white history.

White racists, the KKK, but also a lot of idiots who would never join a social outcast group like that, (might get our lily white hands dirty!) used the line for years. The reason for slavery, for Jim Crow, for de jure segregation, for de facto segregation, for all of the crap my people handed yours, was that Blacks simply did not understand the cultured approach. And last week, you bought the line. During slavery, it was whites explaining the reason for beatings was that Blacks only understood a whipping. Last week the Klan did not have to say that -- you did it for them.

In a real way you demonstrated the horrible fact that abusers can make the abused believe it is their fault. "Black parents in the South" all beat their kids according to you. I doubt it is true, but what is terrifying, is that you might be correct! You said out loud what I am guessing way too many Americans Black and White were thinking -- you validated their excuse for the abuse.

"Slave thinking" as some call it, or Stockholm Syndrome, runs deep. It is the eternal shame of White America that some of us did this to Black people. When Sue-z and I were civil rights demonstrators in the 60's, we heard "what will the Whites think" derided as, "slave thinking." I knew Mark and Fred before Cook County murdered them, and they had the right answer, "Who gives a damn what Whites think?"

So if you choose to dismiss me because I am indeed an old white hippie type, so be it. But consider this: what about how black people think? What about the next 4 year old who is beaten, the next child who dies? It does matter how you speak to those potential abusers who think "Southern Black parents" all beat their kids.


J. Andrew (Jim) Beyer


JCF said...


I am as uninterested in someone's "traditional" or "cultural" rationale for "whupping" a 4 year-old, as I am in someone's "traditional" or "cultural" rationale for cutting (off) a girl's clitoris. NOT INTERESTED. It's a CRIME---to Hell w/ it!!!

JimB said...

We agree. It is simply wrong to claim, "culture" to justify violence. Violence against kids is particularly heinous. Yes to Hell with the idea, but also, to prison with the perpetrators.


Anonymous said...

biblical thinking does not assume individual rights for children. why is cutting off a boys foreskin legal? because most Jews do it, and the bible says so. I think it is time to get past biblical thinking. culture is not a valid reason to strike a child with a rod or to amputate part of his member.

Anonymous said...

Barkley may be right about a norm existing. but just because a norm exists does not justify it. many things that are normal are not good. war has become normal.

JimB said...

I am less willing to defend circumcision than I have been in the past. To the extent it is arguably treating a child as property that parents can decide to modify, I think it troubling.

And yet, if that was the voice of the Creator at Sinai, as both Jews and Christians believe, then mayhaps it is better seen as the Creator who does own us giving instructions.

So, yes I am conflicted.

I generally am not happy with anonymous posts here. I do of course know who you are but before I publish, may I?


Anonymous said...

Christians and jews need to know that the bible has been edited by power hungry people. the 7th Noahide law demands that believers subject idolaters and foreigners to courts. subjecting a foreign population to a court sounds like conquest. also their is the commandment to exterminate the decedents of Amalek. believers need to never forget, always remember and to wage a war of extermination until the battle of Armageddon. my explanation is that the creator has been misquoted. Genital modification, World government and genocide are not valid expression's of faith!

Anonymous said...

the roman empire and the Iranian empire were both able to edit scripture. these empires were not timid about using religion as propaganda.

JimB said...

Thanks for the signature! On substance:

My own studies suggest that indeed there are issues with the "word of Adonai" as it sometimes appears. I suspect we need to spend more time in another medium (although perhaps I should start another thread?) considering what is what.


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