02 October 2014

GTS Seminary Strife

As far as I know, I have never met most of the people in the current fight / controversy at General Theological Seminary in New York. I think I once shook the hand of one of the professors involved, but I am not sure, and I am certain he would not recall. Based on what I am reading, this qualifies me as an expert. I spent a good bit of my career such as it was and what there was of it, in academic settings. I think I understand something of that culture. And yes, it is a distinct and different culture when experienced in the teaching and administration roles.

I suspect the sides both need to sit back, think and consider some mediation. Certainly that is what the church needs of them. I hope that is what happens. But one thing I am sure of, is no one is helped by the conflict being editorialized. So, I won't.


JCF said...

"sit back, think and consider some mediation"

And/or some meditation. }-/

JimB said...

Yup, that too.

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