09 October 2014

Is there something, anything, Republicans won't say?

One of the dolts given us by the Tea Party is busily lying about ISL. He has fabricated 10 jihadists whom, according to his fantasy, the Border Patrol stopped as they attempted to infiltrate Texas. His, "message?" Re-elect him so that he and his fellow paranoiacs can create a fortress America. A nation that will exclude Muslims, and Ebola carriers, which Mr. Obama because of his ties to West Africa (do not mention he is Black) won't do.

You have to hand it to him: finding another group even if it is imaginary, to exclude is in line with the ideology!

There must be some excuse for voting for these Tea Party mopes. I simply cannot think of what it is. Oh wait! Thanks to Laura Ingram, I think I found it. Mr.Obama is (a) a Democrat, and (b) Black. Sometimes writing a short post is a great way to work out the details.

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