27 March 2016

Pascha 2016

Pascha is perhaps the more common name for Easter, the feast of the resurrection of Jesus. This is the last day of the Christian Triduum, the three days that begin with the execution on Calvary, and culminate with the women coming to the empty tomb. For Christians, this is the moment of triumph for Jesus and the beginning of the reconciliation of God with creation. For liturgical devouts, Anglicans, Lutherans, Moravians, Orthodox, and Roman Catholics, the Great Vigil that moves from Holy Saturday to the announcement, "Alleluia He Is Risen" is the crowning moment of all liturgy.

So today is not merely special, it is pivotal. As St. Paul said, "If Christ be not risen, then our faith is in vain." But we believe, indeed it is central, that the resurrection happened. So too, did Patti. This day, on which we in the West celebrate resurecction, Patti joined the celebration. This is so hard, and hard for Pam, her kids, Patti's cousins, and those of us who loved her and Brian.

Ah but for Patti this is the day of resurrection! For her this is the day of reunion with Brian, her folks, her uncles and aunts, and so many others. And I suspect she will be seeing Mary and St. Teresa. For her this is joy and triumph. At noon, roughly, in Denver, she departed this life, and became one of the cloud of witnesses who surround the faithful. For those of us who love her, there are tears and a deep sense of loss. For her there is joy and connection with her many friends, loves, and puppies. Yes, I believe the pups will be there. Others are less inclined to my view, we shall all see. As of yesterday, Patti sees clearly.

Rest in peace and rise in glory Patti. Let your joy overflow.


Sue-z said...

I have been missing her greatly since her stroke over a year ago. Today, she finally won her long fought battle. She was my friend, confidant and sister. She leaves a huge hole in my life. Rest in Peace, Patti. Rise in Glory!

Christal said...

She is greatly missed, but at long last she was called home.

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