30 September 2016


I recall reading a comment about the Chicago Tribune of his youth by Mike Royko. He said, if I recall, that reading McCormick's editorials he was never sure if the enemy was Hitler or Roosevelt. That came to mind as the incredible decision to endorse Gary Johnson, perhaps the least informed person ever to appear on a national party ticket emerged.

This election pits a qualified, competent, caring woman against a nut case. Mrs. Clinton is so bright and so much more able that Fox News (!) reported she won the recent debate by 23 percentage points in their poll. Meanwhile, Mr. Trump keeps saying he won the CBS poll, which simply does not exist.

During the Lewinsky scandal some wag said that Bill Clinton had a sometimes difficult relationship with the truth. Mr. Trump has no relationship.

We all at one time or another lie. Have I -- yes, have you -- yes. I have probably said a dress, tie, or haircut looked good when I didn't like it. Have you? Do either one of us do it every day about every issues, repeatedly, even when the truth would not hurt us? We know a candidate who lies an estimated once every 4 minutes. (Politico made it 3 and a fraction and I rounded it in his favor!)

But the Tribune, the paper that once published national security information in war time, and was not believed because the enemy, Japan, did not consider them credible, has managed not to make the obvious choice. No, they picked Gary Johnson who could not name Vicente Fox when he brought him up, and did not know that Aleppo is the major city being contested in bloody horrible fighting in Syria.

I am sure that I won't agree with every decision Mrs. Clinton makes as president. I am equally sure I won't agree with every vote Tammy Duckworth casts in the Senate. That is OK, we are a republic: they do not have to do exactly what I think best. I am not committed to voting for Mrs. Clinton when as I expect, she seeks re-election. But even the Tribune editorial noted that unlike Mr. Trump, Secretary clinton is qualified to be president.

Ever play a board game with a toddler who knocked the game over rather than loose? That is the Tribune editorial. They wanted a Republican they could endorse, they got Mr. Trump and they kicked the table over. Immature cowardice in action.


Anonymous said...
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JimB said...

In a day or two I will delete your post. My number one rule is "No ad hominem posts." Which leads me to, "I guess you're (spelling corrected) sad your terrorist friends...." I suggest you look up other examples of ad hominem arguments.

This time, I will leave the anonymous name on the post. Note: This time.


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