05 November 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen, the president of the .....

Congrats have to go to the democrats, the campaign team, and of course Senator Obama. Beyond that however, I think we have to congratulate America. When Sue-z and I were young supporters of the civil rights movement, the idea that we would see an African-American not only run but win never even entered America's mind. We were after all, living in a time when segregationists who were confronted with an actual competent "negro" would refer to her / him as a "credit to his/her race" without even blushing.

We have come a long way in a short time. Down what Shel Silverstien called the "long hard and damn hard and bitter road" we have walked, fought, argued and finally moved.

Sen. Obama was not elected because he is African American, nor was he elected in spite of being African American. He was elected because of his views, the economy and his approach to the various issues before the country. And that is the good news from our society this morning.

It will be an interesting four years I am sure. He and we will face challenges we have not yet imagined. He will face them as America's president, not its African president. And that perhaps is enough for us.

When I wrote the above, the California Prop 8 vote was still in doubt. It now appears certain that the proposition has been approved. While there is some doubt about the legality of the vote, and it may therefor be overturned, the simple fact that a majority of Californians, along with majorities in Florida and Arkansas split their votes so that Mr. Obama carried their States and homophobic laws were written into their constitutions is stunning.

I certainly hope the challenges to the Prop 8 process win. But even if they do, it begs the question what were these people thinking?

Can we really think that justice is possible for some when it is denied to others?


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