04 November 2008


Listening to the weather person last night, I thought a little about the observation that rain favors Republicans. That is because more Democrats are likely to stay home if it is raining or snowing. And as so few of our potential registration actually votes, that simple fact can change an outcome.

It snowed on Valley Forge when Washington's men camped there. It rained on the battle fields of Normandy and snowed on the tank battles of Northern France and Belgium. It rained almost every day in Burma and on the rain forest islands of the SE Pacific. The dust storms and heat in North Africa is legendary.

And yet we stay home.

I started to think that the electorate should get its butt and vote. But then, I voted. Now I am not so sure.

I live in Illinois. We gave the country Sherman, Sheridan, Grant, Lincoln, Douglas, and Stevenson. Now we provide prisoners in Federal penitentiaries: former governors, mayors -- our politicians now wear Federal orange.

Looking past the presidency, I saw mostly extraordinarily mundane people. Oh one or two stand out: Chris Ragdonio whom I am pleased to send to Springfield as a senator. Or I would be pleased if only I thought the party hacks would listen to her.

I recall someone explaining her refusal to vote with "If God wanted us to vote, He would send us candidates." I don't think it is about God sending us someone as much as it is our need to ask how the system has been altered to favor non-entities. But something is wrong. I find myself singularly unimpressed with my choices. No wonder someone can rise to the level of presidential candidate with 2 years or senatorial experience. Most of the experienced people are not top quality!

I voted, but I certainly am not happy about it. We need to really think about who governs and how.

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