09 January 2010

politics in Illinos

I generally write about my spiritual journey, my church's political issues and the like. So a post endorsing a particular political candidate is a departure for me. I know from my system stats that some of the rather few readers I have live in Illinois. So for them especially this post is political. For those of you in other States, consider a donation!

Mark Kirk wants to be Illinois' Senator. I am not sure I want him to be, frankly I am likely to decide between the parties in August. But(!) we are about to have our primary. Congressman Kirk is running on the Republican primary ballot and in so doing abandoning his otherwise safe seat in the House where he represents the 10th district.

Opposing Congressman Kirk is a particularly slimy hate monger named Andy Martin. Mr. Martin has a fair amount of experience as a gay bater, anti-choice advocate and demagogue but no significant legislative background. One entire radio ad that has dripped from Mr. Martin's campaign claims that Mr. Kirk is gay, that he is a pedophile by contamination -- that is he knew one, and that his failure to say he is straight is prima facia evidence that he is concealing his sexuality.

Congressman Kirk's response to the ad was subtle and classy. He said that he did not respond when the ad first ran because he was on active duty in Afghanistan defending Mr. Martin's right of free speech. He then went on to discuss his ideas on issues.

I have no idea whom I will vote for in November. After Blagojevich, and Roland Burris the Senate seat formerly held by President Obama is a bit tarnished and could use some polish. Congressman Kirk offers that, Mr. Martin offers only slime. If you were not planing to vote in the Illinois primary, please consider taking a Republican ballot and voting for Kirk even if you vote for no one else. If you were planing to vote in the Republican primary, please vote for Kirk. Mr. Martin;s ad campaign deserves only contempt not votes!

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RonF said...

That did sound slimy. If Kirk had represented his sexual orientation at some point to be other than it actually is then there'd be reason for criticism, but I don't think that's the case.

Speaking of politics, what's your reaction to the news from my old stomping grounds this last Tuesday?

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