06 January 2010

Well he is not wrong all the time!

Applause and support for ABp. Peter Akinola who is quoted on the Uganda Media Center http://www.mediacentre.go.ug/details.php?catId=1&item=701

Akinola said Nigeria is not supposed to be poor but that the action of the politicians had led the country to the present situation, with a declaration that God would avenge their sins from the fourth generation of their wards.

"it is baffling that Nigeria, with its abundant resources still import used pants to the country" he declared.

The primate who disclosed that Nigeria make millions of naira from crude oil daily, asked where the money was or what it was used for.

He has a point. Nigeria sells millions of barrels of oil to Europe (mostly) and North America. The average Nigerian gets nothing in return. I do not know what the archbishop wants, I would want schools and infrastructure investment. Nigerians are not inherently stupider than Eurpeans (albeit their canon politics could make one wonder) and there is no reason why given decent roads, transportation and education, they could not develop a thriving economy.

Of course some of the changes that would bring might stun the powerful including the archbishop. But he at least is willing to take that chance. Bravo!



Leonard said...

Oh my, easy for him chat, almost freely, with the upcoming and new Archbishop of all Uganda being a retired military man (that saw some very ugly combat).

Used pants was about as nasty as it got...nobody will knock him off for that one...meanwhile life goes on at all levels of society.

JimB said...

Oh, I grant that he wont start a reform movement with one sermon. But it was refreshing to see him actually acting like a Nigerian primate for a change!


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