20 August 2010

burning books

It is a general rule that as a movement looses public support, it becomes more extreme. This because the declining membership is the core fanatic.

Read: Burning the Holy Q'ran

In fact, the action of these goofs can only have one effect -- convincing Moslems that the jihadist claim of American "crusader" views is correct.

Add in the antics of Ratzinger and his hierarchy as they strugle to do anything except repent for the damage done by pedophile clergy and institutionalist cover-ups, and I think we need a new word. "Christianity" has been so tainted by the lunatics who misuse it: Rome, Gainsville, Topeka and Anderson come to mind, that we have to find something else. One wonders if we might call ourselves the "Jesus Movement" and copywrite the name?

Consider what we see under "church:" Church of England bishops whose excesses have touched off a political scandal; Roman bishops who are best known for persecuting victims in Brazil and running cover ups in America (and Europe;) "pastors" who want to burn holy books in Florida; American idiots across the country trying to reshape the first amendment; Roman legalists who deny a girl communion because she is celiac in Boston and across North America "mega churches" where Christ is not preached because they are marketing to "seekers" and hymns are not sung or the "S word" (sin) used for the same reason. Time to drop that word too.




Rick+ said...

Dear Jim,

Why am I still shocked? Yet I am. Burning books in the name of Jesus - unbelievable.

JimB said...

I suppose it is because, like me, you are a person who holds books in some awe and reverence. I know I do, and I find the idea that anyone would burn books horrible. Add in the amazing insult to Moslems involved in burning the Holy Q'ran and these dolts have a perfect storm of indecency.


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