24 August 2010

How to win or loose at 'ground zero'

America was attacked on 911 because of who we Americans are and what we have achieved. Americans share or shared before 911 more freedom in more areas of life than any population in the history of earth. That freedom makes us amazingly rich economically, powerful politically and dominant artisticly and socially across the globe. And it makes jihadists like all puritans of all ages furious.

Someone once observed that puritans can be defined as those who are upset because they fear, somewhere, someone may be happy. The only difference between a jihadist and an ACNA bishop, the Pope or American "neo-conservative" politician (Cf. Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich) in this sense is the book they idol worship. They all have an idol and they both mistreat it about the same way.

I do not know if the proposed Islamic community center will ever be built. It appears from the news accounts that the proponents do not have nearly adequate funding at the moment. I do know that those who object get things exactly wrong.

America will win if the center is built. We will win because we will be affirming precisely the freedom that controlling people, be they Mr. bin Laden, Archbishop Orombi or Congressman Gingrich do not want us to have. We will win because we will simply let other people be who they are. It is really that simple, this American thing -- let people achieve what they can in whatever discipline and in whatever voice they choose.

In my admittedly limited experience only Canada, England, Scotland, Wales and Holland come close to this idea. It may be that thanks to their spirit and willingness to ignore their idiot bishops, that Kenya is on the road, and because of its amazing bishops to whom attention must be paid, so is South Africa. That is about it. I have heard good things about one or two other countries but I simply do not have data.

Girgrich is correct when he observes that about 70% of the world's population does not have freedom of thought and religion. His conclusion, that we should limit ours by limiting Islam is exactly the wrong one. But if the community center is built, and I hope it is the dream, freedom, wins. The dolts who think they are empowered by god, their idol(book,) intellect or some other force to make the rest of us behave will have lost. That is a good thing, indeed a great thing.

This is about more than a mosque or community center. It is about denying the jihadists victory and demanding our own. Let freedom ring.



Christal said...

Nicely written. I'm afraid I'm terribly opposite in my opinion of whether or not this community/religious center should be built. I don't want it built, because it just doesn't seem right to have a religious center built for the same religious group which bombed the world trade center. For those of you who do not know me, I have close friends who are Muslim, and I realize that these radical Muslim extremists are not in the same branch of their religion. Yes, America does and should embrace each individual's right to his or her own religious choices, but we don't have to disrespect those who died at the hand of secular muslim extremists. It's just my opinion, and I'm sure many will not share it.

JimB said...

Christal, thanks for the note. Three things:

1) It is not, "the same religious group which bombed the world trade center." The jihadists are a distinct and heretical group rather like Fred Phelps's haters at "Westboro Baptist Church" are neither Baptists nor any way Christians.

2) A good many Moslems both Americans and legal aliens died at the WTC.

3)It was not a Christian target it was a political target.

In the event we have this First Amendment and it is not about Christian denominations but all religions. The pluralism of our public square is unique and precious.

Thanks again!


Christal said...

Dad: Thank you for your enlightening response. The only thing I can say back is
"Neener, neeener, neeener".
Your Daughter

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