12 October 2010

twelve years later

Today is the 12th anniversary of the murder of Mathew Sheppard. Twelve years of loss for his family and friends, twelve years of ongoing homophobic crap from the likes of Carl Paladino, "Focus on the Family" and ACNA. Twelve years is a long time. Or twelve years is a tiny spot on the universe's time line. It is after all a mater or perspective.

How do we look at the intervening years? I suppose it depends where you look. The homophobes are not only still with us they are more vitriolic and public than before. Consider Mr. Paladino who used "national coming out day" to come out as an absolutely unrepentant idiot. One the other hand, there is this story:
Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino Monday got an icy reception from leaders of his own party as they sought to distance themselves from his remarks over the weekend about gays.

The GOP officials joined in a cascade of criticism from gay-rights groups and prominent Democrats in the wake of his statement to a group of Hasidic rabbis Sunday that children should not be "brainwashed" into thinking homosexuality is all right.
I suppose the answer is that like most human progress, a step forward and a step backward. Carl Paladino is actually an argument against Darwin, he demonstrates that not all evolution is forward.

My libertarian / conservative son looked at the amazingly stupid policies Mr. Paladino apparently favors and asked a serious and viable question. "Does he have a clue what it is like for kids who do not get adopted?" We agreed that having two mommies or two dadies beats the crud out of having none. As Stephan observed, "Anyone who claims to be pro-life should favor more adoptions. It is not a perfect world and kids need families."

Maybe though things are getting a little better. Maybe the total response to homophobes in this election is hopeful. Even in a year when the conservatives are on the march across much of the country, homophobia is out of style. That is not much but it is something. I hope it is.

Now is a time to recall the murder of Mathew, and repent of our society's homophobia. It is time to pray. Fr. Jonathon at St. Laikas has done a very good reading of morning prayer for the day and I strongly commend it to you.



Christal said...

Dad: If homophobia is going out of style, does that mean the homophobes are at least learning to dress better? And maybe they are learning that the kick-me signs on their backs are going to keep re-appearing.

Christal said...

I giggled out loud reading your post on how the KKK actually got something right. It's hard to imagine that a bunch of white guys dancing aroud in white sheets around a campfire in some podunk town getting anything right! LOL.

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