17 February 2011

Lies, damn lies and Covenants

This is from a report on the Japanese' General Synod
"The Archbishop asked the Synod to support the Covenant in the present confusion and because the probability of it being accepted was increasing. In other words, we don't agree with the medicine but please swallow it any way. If he made any other arguments they weren't reported.

The Archbishop blamed the North American Anglican churches for having caused the war. He also distanced himself from the Global South leaders saying that they were acting in ways liable to create a new Anglican Communion which not only excluded The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada but also the Archbishop of Canterbury."
This is from a blog report of the Japanese Church's discussion of the so-called Covenant.

A few points need to be made here:
  • We keep hearing that the so-called covenant is about staying together. So we begin by blaming TEC and ACofCanada for "causing the war?" Right!
  • The obvious attempt to stampede the vote by what Americans call "the bandwagon effect" is disgusting
  • What is noticeably absent is a positive argument for the so-called covenant.

Finally, I think a note needs to be made of the negative impact of "primate's meetings." The house of Bishops in Japan has it right the so-called covenant is a bad idea. The primate went to the meeting and came back stampeded, or so it appears.

Japan should stand on its correct judgement. The "Anglican Covenant" is neither Anglican nor a covenant.


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