10 November 2011

I Seldom Take Things From Other Bloggers, but, ...

This image is a photo-shop by my friend Mad Priest. He has posted it with permission to use it, at his brilliant blog, Of Course I Could Be Wrong.

I think it is brilliant on its face. Living near Chicago, my son and I have been watching the spin off, "Occupy the Chicago Fed" group here. Stephan has been an active member. Unfortunately, Stephan has reported that the national movement has become increasingly less diverse   and more and more anarchist / left wing. He has stopped being an active member as a result. I know of others who have made the same choice.

Still, the movement has a point. Greed, sheer greed motivates the leadership of our corporate institutions and after disastrous economic collapse and Republican government, we only reward greed. It does not have to be like that. Capitalism can be a reasonable part of a decent society. Sweden, Denmark, Norway and other countries have proved it. We need to learn from them.


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